Facebook is a household name, we all know about it. But there exist some interesting facts that we are unaware about. The social network is indeed surprising!

Following are some interesting facts about Facebook - the gigantic social media site.

Everyday, almost 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook

Photo sharing is the most popular feature of Facebook. Just imagine the amount of pictorial data that the site holds! The idea of Photo Sharing was conceived by Sean Parker, the then President of Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg was hesitant in implementing it.

On an average, a Facebook user is linked to almost 85 pages

There are millions of Community Pages on Facebook. Each page has a different purpose and agenda. Some are just intended for fun. While most of us would have liked a few hundred of these Facebook pages, there are people who just don't care about them. So on average, it has been estimated that each individual is associated with 85 Facebook pages.

Facebook has been responsible for 1 out of 5 divorces in USA

Internet has made relationships vulnerable. The rate of infidelity is soaring high. According to a research, the word Facebook has appeared in every 1 out of 5 petitions for divorce, in one way or another. The easy accessibility that Facebook provides is remarkable but lethal when it comes to sensitive relationships.

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Facebook users who own mobile devices are twice as active as the others

It is speculated that in a few years, Facebook would be solely accessed from mobile devices owing to the boom in the Smartphones industry. Today, people who use Facebook through their mobile devices or Smartphones are far more active on the site as compared to the ones who use Desktop PCs.

Almost 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to the deceased

This might appear haunting but it is a true fact that more that 30 million Facebook users have passed away and their accounts still exist. Facebook provides the facility of memorializing the accounts on the basis of any written proof of expiry provided by the deceased's relatives.

Interesting facts, indeed!

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