What is Business Management Software?

Business Management Software or business software or business application is any computer software used to measure and increase productivity of various business functions. Business Management Software assists users in performing different useful tasks in various business functions such as accounts, procurement, human resource, customer relationship, project management office, etc.

Example Uses of Business Management Software

Using Business Software, you can create a project activity schedule or generate invoices or manage big pool of project resources. In addition, you can easily generate reports to share with clients, your company management or other people. Some Business Software will also allow you integrate information stored in the software with others business software as well as other people.

Benefits of Using Business Software

  • It saves time of the user in entering data in the software
  • It prevents mistakes during data entry.
  • It is easy to use and many are customizable to suit your needs.
  • It keeps tracks of changes made in the information.
  • It allows easily navigate through data, add, modify, sort, group, filter information.

All of these benefits, in turn increase efficiency of business functions.

Different Ways Business Software is Used

  • Single User:These software applications are installed on individual user's computers and the user performs actions which he needs to.
  • Collaborative:These software applications are used by various users on the network. For example, one user may update schedule and the other user will generate report from that data. Different users may use the software simultaneously or at different times, as needed.
  • Desktop: Software is installed on a laptop or Desktop PC for use by the user.
  • Web based:Software is installed on a computer and is accessible through a web browser like Chrome or Edge.
  • Mobile phone: Mobile applications are designed for the software to be used on smart mobile phones.

Top Famous Business Software Today

  • Oracle eBusiness Suite:It includes Business management applications for Supply Chain, Procurement, Manufacturing and several other business functions. Some of the popular software used include Benifits of using Oracle Primavera, which is highly useful in development of work schedule, resource and cost plan, as well as for project execution, progress update and progress monitoring.
  • SAP Business One:It includes Business software for sales, purchasing, production, financial and other activities.

There are several other Business management Software applications available in the market, free and open source. The two mentioned above are among those very popular. This article answered the question ' what is Business Software '. Hope you found it helpful.