Importing into Primavera from an Excel file is often a nightmare for many.  Although the process of importing Excel file is  simple enough, just selecting any Excel file for import does not ensure the import will be successful or that your data will not be lost.

If there is a situation that your collegues or someone will be using Excel and you will often need to import that file into Primavera, this is what you need to do first:

1. Create a Project in Primavera. Now, create WBS. Do not create activities and do not enter any other detail.

2. Export the Project to Excel format. In the Export wizard, on the screen where you create a Template, select required columns that you want to export to Excel.

3. Give the exported Excel file to one who will be filling in data in the Excel file.

Now, whenever you will import that Excel file back into Primavera, there won't be any problem, since that Excel file was originally produced by Primavera, in its own format that it recognizes.