CVT Disadvantages (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Disadvantages of CVT Transmission 

Vehicles with CV transmission have advantages but there are a few CVT disadvantages, too, which might bother you while driving the CVT transmission car. Vehicles with CVT transmission have the following problems, or you may experience these problems, if you are accustomed to driving cars with traditional transmission system.

1. Some cars with CVT transmission produce some noise when you accelerate.

2. User acceptance. While driving vehicles with CVT transmission, you get a feel like of a slipping clutch or as though the car is only accelerating and not shifting up the gear proportional to the speed. This is normal to CVT cars, and comfortable as well. but some people do not like this way how engine accelerates.

3. Due to unlimited gear ratios, you don't experience high RPM at most times because CVT always keeps the RPM at the lowest. It gives feeling sometimes that the engine is not powerful or you may even feel that the car is not accelerating.  That's an advantage really because you don't feel high noises of the engine because it is always at the lowest RPM possible.

These were the disadvantages of CVT transmission. You will also like to read about the Advantages of CVT Transmission.

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