Things You Can Do to Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission

Are you eco-conscious? Are you interested in reducing CO2 emission in your area, in your city or country? Here is a few things you, your community or your country can do to reduce CO2 emission.

How to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Commission?

1. Stop importing big engine cars. Allow import and use of only those cars that are aligned with the road limits. Overly large engine sizes i.e 2.4L, 3.5L, 4.7L will not give any benefit to the user when the road speed limits are not high enough or the requirement is not there.

2. Replace fossil-fuel generated electricity with solar-powered systems and other available alternatives.

3. Take measures and make plans on how to reduce CO2 emission for industries.

4. Run road shows and online campaigns which may help in reducing fossil fuel generated power usage.

5. Get public to travel less in their own cars and more in the public transport

6. Make political decisions that will help reducing CO2 emission in the country.

7. Only use eco-friendly vehicle and fine-tune existing vehicles to reduce their CO2 emissions.

These are some effective ways to reduce CO2 emission in your area.

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