Neurological Disorders Remedies

What are Neurological Disorders?

Neurological disorders can mainly be referred to as the diseases of the spinal cord, the brain and the media that is nerves which interconnect them. The neurological system is the most vital component of health and fitness of the human beings, as when the neurological system of the body malfunctions, whole body is rendered ineffective. It is estimated that the diseases pertaining to the neurological system are around more than 600, the most common of which are epilepsy, strokes, Parkinson's disease and brain tumors and the less common but dominant neurological diseases are frontotemporal dementia.

Neurological Disorders Conditions

It is a common notion that neurological disorder is related to mind, but actually but the neurological disorders envisages the perils more than the mind, as already described. Hence the body's nervous system doesn't work properly the neurological disorders start affecting the body. the conditions pertaining to the neurological disorders can be categorized basing upon the three major element of the neurological system and the affected areas ,such as Frontal lobe damage, Parietal lobe damage, Temporal lobe and Occipital lobe damage, and eventually the brain damage and therefore the resultant brain dysfunction disorders are as follows

  • Memory Loss is known as Amnesia
  • Identification capabilities disorder is known as Agnosia
  • Identification of patterns and movement disorder is known as Apraxia
  • Language and speech disorders are known as Aphasia and Dysarthria
  • Spinal Cord disorders include peripheral nervous system disorders, Carnial nerve disorders, automatic nervous system disorders, sleep disorders, lower back and neck pain, Alzheimer disease, dizziness and coma

Neurological Disorder Remedies

The neurological disorder remedies comprise heavy medical treatments, which should be get done under the extreme guidance of the expert medical authorities. Self medication should be highly discouraged and is not advised at all, as it may worsen the condition. However a few remedies are as follows

  • Gamma Knife: It's the name of a machine which is used to transmit focused and very heavy doses of radiations to the target area without disturbing the surrounding tissues and nerves.

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  • Cyber Knife: the most sophisticated kind of radio surgery, where a robotic arm is used for sending heavy doses of radiations to the affected area which is a painless remedy for neurological disorders.

  • Stem cell therapy, deep brain stimulation and brain mapping are other forms of Neurological disorders remedies.


The neurological disorders are very serious health issues. A back pain, headache or even pain in the neck should not be ignored. These might appear to be temporary ailment signs but one never knows that these minor symptoms may lead to grave dysfunctions of the body and nervous system in the entirety.

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