Creating a website doesn’t only involve creation of web pages. A website needs a space to sit on and that place is a computer, or more properly called as web server. But website can’t live on your local computer if you want it to be visible by the whole world through its web address like . In this article I will explain the steps you need to create a website and put it online on the internet so that whole world can access it.

Step 1: Get Your Website Created

How to create your own website? It is very easy. The first thing you need to do is to contact a web developing company or an individual who will make a website for you. You will tell the website developer what content you need to put on, what design should it have, and the developer can also suggest the design that suits your needs.

Once you have given the order for a new website, it can take some days to weeks for it to be made completely. And once it is made, it needs to be hosted, means put on a computer where anyone from the world can access via internet. In the next step I will explain it in detail.

Step 2:  Get a Domain Name and Host Your Website

Now you have the idea how to create a website and you can get it created. Now before you can

Create a Website

put your website on some computer (host the website), you also need a website address (domain name). There are many companies nowadays offers both the domain name and hosting service as a package.  I am using a service called Just Host, here you can find them and their packages detail:

JustHost is a reliable and efficient service, their prices are low and customer service is also fast in replying to your queries.

Step 3: Upload Your Website

Once you have purchased the domain name and hosting service, you will be sent a login ID and passwords to login to account so that you can upload your website to the hosting service provider’s computers.  Instructions on how to upload the website will be found on the JustHost’s help pages. Usually the website is uploaded using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.  You can use CoreFTP, FilzeZilla software or GoDaddy's own online FTP client for this purpose.

You are done! Once you have uploaded your website, you can view it by entering your website address in the internet browser. It takes some time for he search engines to show your website in the search list but it usually happens within one week of the website launch.

This was how to create your own website in a few easy steps. Hope you found the information easy and helpful. If you want more information on how to create a website, you can contact your local software company, or email me for any help, at