Many people nowadays are making lots of money online. Some make hundreds, some thousands and some hundred thousands per month through Google Adsense. So what really is Google Adsense? What is Google Adsense online money making method? Well, Google Adsense is simply an online earning program by Google. The program allows website owners to place ads on their websites, along with the content.

These ads, when clicked (for viewing more ad details), earn you money. There are also some ads that without getting clicked earn you money. Once they are displayed, they earn you money, but that's small amount. Most ads earn you money when they are clicked. And the money you earn depends on many factors, including :

What is google adsense

1. The rate the Ad advertiser has set per click on his ad.

2. Number of pages on your website.

3. Number of views on your website.

The more content you have, the more views you get on your website, the more chances of earning better money through Adsense.

The Google Adsense service is free and anyone can register for this service who has a website and that website doesnot violate any of the Adsense policies, available at Google Adsense help pages.

This was about Google Adsense. Also learn what is Google Adsense Premium.

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