Top Disadvantages of Internet

Disadvantages of Internet 

Internet is a medium that can be used for multiple purposes such as entertainment, infotainment and along with this it is a powerful business tool in the current age. Where internet is a big blessing it has a number of disadvantages too. Though internet in countless ways has facilitated our lives of ordinary men but the negativity of the Internet are also making us to think about our actions.

But, as a regular internet user we must keep in mind that it holds a number of threats when we use it. So, it should be used with a little care. These threats may harm us and may become a cause of misuse of our personal data. Here are few worth-noting disadvantages of Internet that every user should keep in mind.


The very common problem on internet is of spam emails. Almost every now and then we see some unknown emails of unknown subjects from unknown users contaminating our inbox. Large distributions of not-asked-for messages block the data streams on internet. Though, spam filters are provided by the mail hosting websites in order to filter out good emails from the bad ones, but even though the international standards has declared it illegal.

Information Theft

Second important threat that we face is from the hackers who steal our personal information such as, name, address, credit card numbers, etc and use it against us. People on internet take such information from you by building trust and then your data is used for frauds. This is a widespread and hard to control malpractice over internet and you must ensure that you are providing all the sensitive information only to reliable websites otherwise you may lose your hard earned buck at the hands of any swindler.

Adult Content

Another bad side of internet lies in websites laden with adult content and such websites are widely available over internet and if accessed by your kids they may pick wrong lesson out of it and they have negative impact for their mental health. Internet does not provide any bar on Pornography yet so you have to be extra careful by putting software protections on in order to control the adult content where there kids are accessing internet.


No matter what you try, everyone can become addition to internet, consequently our precious life gets wasted on nothing. Internet is full of information, and multimedia content, when one gets on the internet, he/she gets dragged by different content shown on web pages, followed by further web browsing by clicking the links, icons, advertisements displayed on the websites.  This addiction is dangerous especially for kids and must be taken care of.


In addition to it, while using internet you may be exposed directly to virus program and malware that can cause serious threat to your data and interrupt usual operations of your system. And sometimes they are powerful enough to crash your hard disk and render your peripheral devices functionless.

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These are the disadvantages of Internet. However, all you need to do is to use the Internet cautiously and stay vigilant to the possible threats that you may get by exposing to internet.

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