What is Facebook Depression? It's Causes and Consequences

What is Facebook Depression?

You might have come across online, newspapers on in magazines about Facebook depression. Here is the answer to the famous question 'what is Facebook depression?'

Causes of Facebook Depression

It is experience of depression as a result of prolonged usage of Facebook, when one might find out his/her contacts superior than him or her in some way.

By frequently using Facebook, one might find out some of his/her contacts enjoying their lives better than him/her. One may also find out that others are better than him in career, have better affiliation, or perhaps they are richer than you. They might be updating statuses about dining out regularly or even one might get depressed by noticing others getting more likes on their statuses or photos than you get. Or any other such thing might cause one feel jealous and inferior than others.

Consequences of Facebook Depression

Researchers from American Academy of Pediatrics have found that Facebook depression leads to bad moods, anxiety, depressive feelings, jealous feelings, sleep disorders and other similar problems.

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