Top 5 Effects of Computer Viruses

I earlier explained is your computer safe without antivirus or not. I also explained the top common sources of virus. Now I am going to talk about computer virus effects that  may occur on your computer. 

Computer viruses have minor to serious effects on your computer, which can be seen immediately or sometimes later. Here are the top 5 common effects of computer viruses.

1. A virus-infected file can corrupt a Word or PowerPoint in a way that all its information does not remain in the original shape or it's removed permanently. A virus could delete your files. More dangerous viruses would delete your files then also crash your Windows so that you are left with no chance to try to recover your files.

2. Some viruses are made to find out sensitive information from your computer such as credit card detail or stored passwords etc. A user will not notice anything on the computer because the virus would do its job in the background and quietly.

3. Viruses can slow down your computer

4. Viruses can change the file extension. For example it may change a .jpg file to .exe file so that it will never open in any image viewer application.

5. Not just that! Viruses can even become obstacles in data recovery processes or running the antivirus scan on the computer, because these don'twant that you could remove viruses from your computer.

This is how a computer virus effects your computer. Now that you know how dangerous computer viruses here, it is necessary to download antivirus software on your computer immediately if you have not got one yet.

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