Graph Search is a search engine introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It allows users to use natural language queries to search for the required results instead of links. The information required to carry out different searches is obtained from the users' own network of friends as well as Microsoft's Bing search engine.

The Graph Search was initially launched in January 2013 as a preview for some English users in the United States. Although the Graph Search uses a search logarithm which is similar to that used by traditional search engines like Google, it has the capability to match phrases and objects on Facebook.

What Does Graph Search Do

The Graph Search will enable the users to carry out detailed searches by just using a short combination of words. For example, if a person wants to know that which of his friends like Harry Potter movies, he will just have to type 'friends who like Harry Potter' in the search bar. Similarly if someone wants to find some people who live in New York, he will simply have to search 'people who live in New York'. The users can also make some complicated searches like 'friends who live in Paris and like Cristiano Ronaldo'. All in all, the Graph Search feature of Facebook will make it a lot easier for the users to carry out searches and find out about people with specific interests from all over the world.

Graph Search will also enable people to search photographs taken at a particular place of their interest, for example one can easily take a look at some pictures of the Great Wall of China by searching 'photos of the Great Wall of China'.

But people are already concerned about their privacy even though the feature hasn't been launched yet. Nobody wants an unknown person to view their private photos and have a look at their personal information. People don't want others to know about some embarrassing pages that they have liked. Facebook has ensured its users that others won't be able to view those pieces of information that they have hidden from them.

So before the Graph Search is released, make sure that you have updated your privacy settings to solve some of the issues that may be encountered during the initial days of this feature.

What You Can Search With Facebook Graph Search
  • Photos of underwater photography
  • Friends who live in your city
  • Ski-resorts your friends have been to
  • Restaurants nearby that your friends like
  • Photos of your friends, from your high school