The Steps Tab, in the Activities Window allows you to define steps for each activity. Steps, in other words are sub-activities or further breakdown of activities.

Steps are not always added. If you have an activity that is complex or large, then you may want to break it down into smaller chunks, which are Steps in Primavera.

Properties of Steps.

Steps are like a checklist for the activity. However, we can also measure how much a Step is completed in form of physical percent complete. Alternatively, we can also just mark the Step as 'Completed' when it's fully done. 

We can also assign weightage to Steps, from 1 to 10. Hence, when you enter Step progress, the activity Physical % is also completed, as per the weight you have given to the Step.

For example we have two steps:

Step Name   |  Weightage

Step A        |    3

Step B        |    7

So, in the above example, if you complete Step A 100%, it is means 30% of the Activity is completed. And when Step B is 100% completed, the remaining 70% of the Activity will be completed.

However, thing to remember:  Progressing the Steps does not automatically progress the Activity. Steps and Activities have to be linked with each other. How to link Steps with Activities is described in another guide soon.

What You Cant Do With Steps

Steps as we know now are breakdown of activities, these can not be assigned resources. So if there is a task that you want to measure in terms of man hour, or you want to quantify number material or non-labor used on the step, this can not be done with Steps. In that case, you will need to define that Step as a normal activity instead.

This was about the Steps feature in Primavera P6. Hope it helped.