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Psychological Factor:  Different people take things in different manner, ideas from different point of view and have different opinions, different views about it.

Motivation:  Motivation is a willing to achieve a certain goal, motivation could be effected because of consumer financial circumstances.

Perception:  What perception consumer have about a certain product

Knowledge & Education Level - Every consumer takes decision according to their knowledge and education level so consumer behavior can change if they feel new information about a product. So so knowledge and education is an important factor for consumer to buy a product or hiring services

Attitude: Consumer attitude suggest how they are motivated towards a product

Life Style: How consumer give value of their life and what way life they spending.

Culture:  Culture is an external influence, how we live and what we consume.

Group Membership:  Another external influence factors , often consumer belong to many other groups which may effect consumer decision making

Sociological factor: A lot of sociological factor could effect consumer behavior like Family life, age, education level, good and bad sociological influences.

Economic Factor: Economic factor is a significant factor in consumer behavior , a lot of consumer can suffer because of poor economic conditions.