Floods in Pakistan: How Communities Can Help in Preventing It

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Heavy storms cause massive water spills from the river’s natural area and spread over the dry land. This activity is commonly known as flood. In a regular flood the water slowly rises over and spills out. However the more devastating type is a flash flood when water quickly breaks over the wall and sweeps over a large area. Global warming is one reason for rise of weather extremes and the devastations associated with it and is expected to be worst in the coming times.

The Devastating floods in Pakistan are predicted to be caused by global warming. These floods started in July 2010 after heavy rainfalls countrywide

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affecting one – fifth of the total land area and approximately 20 million people by destructions of property and infrastructure and a death toll of approximately 2000. The causes attributed include heavy rainfall, climate changes, lack of dams and deforestation and illegal land encroachments.

How Communities Can Help Prevent Floods in Pakistan

Being a naturally occurring disaster we can not cease flooding but we can control the amount of devastation. The youth of Pakistan can help in a lot of ways to control the devastation. We can group together and make concrete walls along the river banks to channelize the water flow. Also planting more and more trees and grass will help stabilize the eco-system. Also there has to be a proper action against deforestation and then ensuring the implementation of the actions. Dams are highly important and we should compel the authorities to gather fund and help in the collection and building of Dams so that our daily electricity problems end and excess of water gets stored for better living. Our best defense against floods will only be workable when we try to understand the way developed countries treat floods, especially their way of treating their environment.