What Does Your Doodle Say About You?

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Waiting for someone, taking a sluggish break in between study sessions or listening to a boring lecture, you would most certainly end up making doodles, provided that you have a pen. We draw these doodles quite unintentionally and perhaps unknowingly. That is why these doodles depict a lot about your personality and state of mind just because they are drawn subconsciously.

What does your doodles say about you? Psychologists and experts have evaluated that the doodles have following hidden meanings.


Flowers depict family life and feminineness. If the flowers are soft and nice, this suggests that you are a family oriented person. A bunch of flowers means that you are social.


Hearts are pretty self explanatory. They suggest that you are in love or a romantic. It means that you have love on your mind.

Spider Web

Intricate spider webs indicate a trapped state of mind. The person could be feeling confused and suffocated.


The doodles of faces are one of the most frequent doodles. These faces depict the feelings of the doodler. A happy and smiling face could suggest a satisfied and happy person. A sad face with watery eyes means that the doodler is not very happy.


Eyes suggest the real inner self of a person. Beautifully made eyes would suggest that the person is beauty conscious. Closed eyes would mean that the person keeps his feelings locked up inside him. People who draw eyes are very observant and conscious.


Arrows are usually drawn by determined and steadfast individuals. They are synonymous to a passionate approach towards an endeavor. The person who draws arrows unknowingly has a target in mind that he would like to achieve in near future.

Squares and Cubes

As the shape suggests, squares mean that the person wants to be or is in control of a situation. A cube would mean that the person has analytical thinking and can propose easy solutions to otherwise difficult situations.

Now that you know what your doodles say about you, grab your old notebooks and textbooks and see what moods have you drawn lately!