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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Interesting Facts And Specifications

The assembly of 787 Dreamliner was started in June 2006 and the first Dreamliner was delivered in September 2011. The 747 Dreamliner is a beautiful aircraft equipped with efficient engine and spacious interior. The specification of Boeing 787 Dreamliner is as follows:

Seating Capacity

The 787 Dreamliner comes in 3 different models. Each model has different number of seats, as follows:

  • 787-8:   210 to 250
  • 787-9:   250 to 290
  • 787-10:  300 to 330


  • 50% Composites
  • 20% Aluminum
  • 15% Titanium
  • Steel 10%
  • Misc 5%


About same as 747 and 777 - Mach 0.85


This is quite amazing. During assembly less that 10,000 holes were drilled.  In a 787, 1 million holes were drilled.

Fuel consumption

20% more fuel efficient than any other similarly sized aircraft.


It produces 20% less emission than similarly sized aircrafts.

Electrical system

The electrical system of Dreamliner 787 consumes 35% less power from engine that any other similarly sized plane.

Design of 787 Dreamliner

It took 800,000 hours on a supercomputer to design the 787 Dreamliner.

Maintenance cost

It is anticipated that maintenance cost on 787 Dreamliner will be 30% less than any other aircraft.

These were interesting facts about Dreamliner 787. This aircraft comes in three slight variations, namely 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10. The minor differences in these three models is in wing span, height, length, takeoff weight.

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