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Facts about Airbus A350-1000

Airbus A350-1000 is the latest airplane. Qatar Airways is the launch customer of this aircraft. The following are interesting facts about Airbus A350-1000

  • A350-1000 has the quietest cabin ever make for an aircraft.

  • This airplane features highest ceiling, which gives increased feeling of enough space.

  • The 18-inch wide seats give more personal space to the passengers.

  • A350-1000 also features unique flat floor.

  • The cabin has better humidity control.

  • The LED ambient lighting makes you feel less fatigued.

  • This plane also comprises largest overhead bins.

  • When it comes to fuel saving, the plane takes pride in holding the world's most fuel efficient engine.

  • The use of composite material gives significant weight savings.

  • The aircraft uses less redundant circuit boards and control systems. This saves weight and also reduces maintenance cost.

  • The interior gives a new, unique experience to the passengers.

    These were facts about Airbus 350-1000
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