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Health Benefits of Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss

The 3rd world countries are known to the world today as those countries which have a poor standard of living, poor education, high rates of unemployment and several such problems however, in spite of being rich in the above stated problems these countries specially India and Pakistan are rich in herbs and spices that are not only taste producing cooking ingredients but a vital food for healthy living. Cinnamon is just one such example. This article focuses on the health benefits of cinnamon in relation to weight loss.

People spend a huge amount of money on weight reducing pills, machines, medicines to get into that the perfect body shape. Once this shape is attained many people stop taking those so called weight reducing pills start turning back to the nightmare hippopotamus structure. So here is a solution to your weight reducing problem - use cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a spice that is obtained from the inner bark of a tree called cinnamon that is found in South East Asian Countries of India and Pakistan. It is a spice with several life saving and weight reducing benefits like:

  •  It reduces blood sugar levels substantially. People using it in tea or curries regularly found their sugar levels reduced to a great extent.

  •  It also reduces the LDL (bad) cholesterol for the body without changing or harming the good cholesterol in the body.

  • It helps in keeping the insulin level improved. Insulin controls the blood sugar level in the body so if one eats lots of sugary things then more insulin is produced by the body to control it and at a certain level the body gets used to the level of insulin produced and its control over the blood sugar level weakens so the blood sugar level raises and a person gets diabetic and having cinnamon helps the insulin control become stronger.

Weight most commonly increases by consuming lots of junk food or sugar products, as eating more carbohydrates than required increases the blood sugar level and cholesterol in the body which makes us fat. If we use cinnamon regularly it will not let the blood sugar level or cholesterol get out of its boundaries and will help in stopping weight gain, in fact it will reduce weight. Also it is said that cinnamon is thermogenic in nature and helps the body burn more calories than usual which will also aid in reducing weight.

The ideal way to use cinnamon is to put it in curries, tea, salads, breads and pies. Start using cinnamon and get that dream body shape back.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Substitute

I have grown up hearing that saturated fats are unhealthy fats and should be avoided. But realistically speaking anything that is naturally found in the world is not unhealthy rather the amount being used or a certain type of saturated fat that may be unhealthy. All fats have something that is important for the human body except for the fats that are artificially processed. As insight gained from the chemical bonding of fatty acids tell us that saturated fats are burned in the body for fuel that goes in the cell membranes. Alternatively the unsaturated fats are used for building cellular membranes. Both forms of fats have their importance and researches show that there are different types of fats that make you gain weight like sunflower oil, soy bean oil etc.

Coconut Oil is a healthy choice for cooking as it has a delicious flavor as well as disease prevention properties. Companies have been using it for products like skin moisturizers, massage oils, sunscreens, ulcers, burns and wounds, hair treatment and anti lice products and even medicines that dissolve kidney stones or treat cholera.

Using Coconut Oil as a Substitute

Using coconut oil as a substitute to other oils in cooking makes it easier to reduce weight as it does not cause abnormal blood levels of cholesterol. It has some kind of anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and fever. It has the ability to heal wounds and increase the process of development of tissues and new blood vessels in the body.

We are in the extreme transit stage of life from an active open living style to a closed passive couched lifestyle where we spend most of our time in front of a computer, TV, Play Station, mobiles, iPods etc. walking, exercising, cycling are only part of the gym routine for most of us. Therefore it is highly important for us to start changing our eating habits in order to stay healthy and disease free.

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Yoga Vs Pilates: Overview and Differences

The Relationship between Yoga and Pilates

Looking for information on what's the difference between Yoga vs Pilates? Well, generally both yoga and Pilates look alike as they both work towards strengthening the body and the mind. However, a narrow down analysis of both the exercises shows the real difference. 


The first difference is of age. Yoga has a very ancient history being attached to it. It has been part of the Indian Sanskrit since centuries. The word Yoga means union and so all the poses of yoga work for creating a union between the mind, body and spirit. Alternatively, Pilates is as old as World War 1. This form of exercise was developed in World War 1 to help the paralyzed soldiers workout their bodies. It won't be wrong to say that Pilates has been developed on the ancient principles of Yoga as it too works on the mind body connections.

Another important difference is equipment. Yoga does not involve equipment as such but in Pilates weights and exercise machines can also be used. Then Yoga has over two hundred different postures that can be used to bring mind, body and spirit aligned. Yoga is based on breathing, meditation and physical exercises so that the flow of energy in the body can be controlled at one level. These exercises are focused at providing inner peace to the person's mind and body.


On the other hand, Pilates are focused to strengthening the abdominal muscles, improving posture problems and strengthen the spine. This

helps in making the body look leaner and longer so we can say that Pilates work for external beauty and toning of the physical body and looks. Look at the right image of one of the Pilates postures.

Which One You Should Do?

Conclusively, both these forms of exercises are different for one another but no one can be said to dominate the other as one looks after

the inner self and the other looks after the external well being. I recommend using both together to ensure that the body and mind are being treated well on the inside as well as the outside. The final conclusion remains on you as you can judge the best workout for yourself.


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Top Tips: How to Sleep Better at Night

Humans after a good nights sleep wish to get back the whole freshness, zeal and energy exhausted in the hustle and bustle of the last day and get ready for the next day's work in the morning but for this all to be true; a good nights sleep is very much necessary; and the importance of a good nights sleep cannot be ruled out. It must be analyzed then  to get re energized for the next oncoming day, few but essential tips on how to sleep better at nigh as follows

De Stress

Experts recommend that the importance of a good nights sleep envisages de stressing which is definitely the relief of stress of the whole tough day so that you can cope up with the next days stresses, hence identification of the pertinent areas of stresses and their remedial measures are a must, in order to get a good nights sleep.

No Caffeine Intake after The Mid Day

Research has revealed that there should not be any caffeine intake after the mid day which is one of the most important tips of how to get a good nights sleep. Caffeine intake damages a good nights sleep severely as the humans tend to experience a rebound effect which keep us awakened even till eleven thus depriving of a good nights sleep.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is an essence of a good night sleep and leads to a healthy life. The importance of a good night sleep cannot be denied as it is linked with a healthy life style, free of most of the famous human diseases prevalent these days linked to the heart and brain. It is however recommended that the exercise should be done in the early hours of the day and not in the later half of the day as it can affect a good nights sleep due to the reason that blood circulation remains boosted even for fewer hours after the exercise.

Reduction of Focused Mental Activity

It is highly recommended in order to get a good nights sleep that focused mental activity should be avoided at the time near to the sleep time. It is for the reason that surfing the net and watching the movies till late at night keeps the mental activity focused thus increasing restlessness and severely affecting a good nights sleep.

Bedroom to be the Bedroom

The bedroom should stay as the bedroom alone if you want to get a good nights sleep. The bedroom should be tagged as the sleep area only and it should not be equipped with accessories and equipments which are not linked with a good nights sleep.

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