Disadvantages of Facebook for Teens and Students

Facebook has advantages but it has many disadvantages, too. There are many disadvantages of Facebook that are associated with teens and students. Find out how Facebook effects life of young children and students and also harms their privacy...

There are 1000's of scams targeting teens

You might not be aware of this but there are thousands of scams going on all the time, targeting teens. Scammers, hackers first connect to you, pretending to be your friend or any acquaintances, and steal your information which they later misuse in different ways.

Many a times you get emails requesting to go with them on a date, fooling you, trapping you and wasting your time. Sometimes someone would connect with you with their fake account, acting as a business, bank or any other company. They would ask your personal details, bank or credit card details, and there are chances kids, without knowledge, pass on personal or sensitive information to them.

Facebook is a Gateway to the whole Internet

Through Facebook ads, friends and other people's comments, status updates, you get to access all sort of images, videos, pages, and often click on a link to another website. So Facebook is not just a Facebook, it's a whole internet, where all kind of good and bad things are found. For example pornography, violent images, videos, horror, and lots more things that are not suitable for children - all they can be accessed through different means at Facebook.

No.1 Addiction Tool

Certainly, the place where most time is spent by any kid nowadays is Facebook or console games also. Facebook is addiction, once you are online, you don't finish you session unless you've updated you status, commented on other people's status, chatted with online friends, viewed messages, checked notifications, etc. I recommend you to read about Facebook Addiction Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment.

Password Hacking

Teens and students are mostly unaware of importance of making a complex password. They tend to keep a simple and easily memorable passwords which get guessed by others easily. Thus their personal information is accessed and so their privacy is lost. 

Waste of Time and Cause to Procrastinate

Facebook eats up your time so quick that you don't even notice how much time you have spent using it. Moreover, Facebook is one of the main reasons why children postpone or delay their school work, social and sport activities. When you are online you would be tempted so much to complete all your Facebook activities like checking messages, status updating, etc, that you would de-prioritize your important work and sometimes even forget or cancel it.

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