Find Your Mobile Phone Contacts on Facebook and Connect to Them

Ever wondered how you can see which of your phone contacts are on Facebook?  It would be awesome to find out your phone contacts on Facebook and connect with them, no?

It is very easy to find your phone contacts on Facebook, and then connect with them. Facebook provides us with a very easy feature that allows us to do that.

Steps to find your mobile phone contacts on Facebook, using your phone Facebook app, are described below.

1. Click on the Friends icon, on top of the Facebook App.

2. Click on Add Contacts icon, at bottom-right of the App.

3. Click 'Upload Contacts'.

That's it, you're done :)

You will be displayed names and pictures of your mobile phone contacts on the Facebook app. To connect with them, click on the blue 'Add Friend' button in front of the name. To view their profile first before sending them friend request, click on their names or pictures.

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