Many Ways Facebook Can Be Used Against You

The Power of Facebook

More than one billion people use Facebook. Simple mathematics yields that almost one out of every 7 people use Facebook, that means Facebook is quite a populated community. Facebook is fun, it is a good way to stay connected and it helps in numerous social causes as well, owing to the freedom it provides.

But the Downside of It...

But, just like any other thing in the world, Facebook has its downside as well. The freedom that this site provides could be used to sabotage someone on personal and professional levels. The power of Facebook is immense and it is overlooked by the majority of people. It is not merely a platform for socializing, but a great sink of personal data.

Some Ways Facebook Could be Used Against You

1. There are many fake accounts on Facebook. Some reports claim that there are as many as 83 million fake accounts on Facebook. These accounts are sometimes used just for fun. But many times, these fake accounts are used for harassing innocent people. Harassing women is quite common on Facebook. Women are sometimes exploited by using their personal data and photos.

2. Sometimes, harassment on Facebook involves more than one person.  Corporate cyber stalking is the process when a company harasses an individual or a group of people harass a company. This kind of tormenting is generally done with an agenda in mind. The interests could be ideological, social or material gains!

3. These days Facebook is flooded with Confession Communities of different institutions. These pages ensure anonymity for the confessor but they could be used to provoke individuals as well.

4. People sometimes become extremely casual on Facebook. Posting explicit images and statuses on Facebook or saying illegal stuff can cause serious detrimental effects on your professional image. The content could be used to sabotage you in the workplace.

5. The Facebook content could be used in legal cases. No matter what privacy settings you adhere to, the court could legally access almost your each and every activity to get to the bottom of the story.

These instances prove that Facebook could be quite lethal in some cases, and can easily be used against you. Be warned!

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