Answered: Why Should I Use Facebook?

Why Should I Use Facebook?

Many people who haven't yet used Facebook ask question "why should i use Facebook". There are many reasons as to why you should use Facebook. The following are the reasons to use Facebook

Big Audience To Network With

Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide, and more than 10% of the USA internet activity is performed at the Facebook.  At Facebook you can network with people from different walks of the life, from different cities, countries. You can add them as friend, communicate with them, exchange ideas, pictures, videos and chat with each other.

Content Sharing

You can share your images, videos, even share your current status with others i.e what you have done today, what you're wearing, etc etc.

Comments and Feedback

Whatever status, image or video you share with people at, they can then leave a comment on that. There is also a Like button there that they can click to show they liked your sharing.


You can create and promote events. Maybe you are arranging a birthday party, a seminar, a training workshop or anything like that. Facebook allows you to create and manage events. You can invite people to join you, send queries etc at Facebook.

Traffic Generator

If you have a personal or business website and you want generate traffic to it, Facebook can help. When you have many friends connected with you and you share with them your website, most likely many of them will open your website. In addition to friends, you can also share your website with non-friends, and groups.


Facebook is available in 70 languages so no matter which country you are from you will be able to use it with ease, in your own language.

These were the reasons why you should use Facebook. Moreover, using Facebook does not require any IT or any other skills. Any one can start using Facebook easily, without learning how to use it first. Just by spending a few minutes you will know most of it. Facebook can be accessed through PCs, mobile phones, smart phones, iPad and many other mobile devices. This is one of the great Facebook advantages because no matter where you are you can share, comment, and do all other Facebook activity, with ease.

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