Being in love is beautiful. Being rejected in love is a disaster. Unrequited love is often said to be a cause of a lot of pain and emotional turmoil. Philosophers and poets have been calling love a disease. But the truth is that there is some reality to it as well.

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love or being away from the one you love can leave you crippled; physically and psychologically. In some cases, for some people, it could also be fatal.

Broken heart symbol

Being left alone after being loved can cause many physical and psychological changes in the body of a person. The general symptoms would be restlessness, mood swings and tearfulness. Most physicians put all this under the category of depression but the more precise term would be love sickness.


A lovesick person cannot stop thinking obsessively about the loved one. This would also include checking the emails or text messages every other minute in hope of a message. Most people claim that the first thought that comes to their mind early in the morning and the last thoughts are of the ones they love and miss. This obsession can cause other ailments as well.

Eating Disorders

The appetite of many people is affected due to a broken heart. Some people develop bulimia in which they eat excessive amount of food and the throw up on purpose after eating. On the contrary, many people become anorexic; they could go on without a morsel of food for days only to become more sick and weak. Weight loss and gain could be witnessed after a severe heartbreak.


Being heartbroken plunges a person into a pit of hopelessness and despair. And there is nothing worse than having no hope. People see no vision and any motivation in life. If this condition persists and doesn’t get better, it could cause other medical and emotional problems of serious nature as well. Suicide is a result of extreme love sickness and hopelessness.

Like most ailments, love sickness could be cured and the broken heart could be mended. Life goes on with or without the people we love; and it must go on in a healthy way!

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