The First Impression

The first few minutes you spend with someone new are going to make a lot of difference. It is the time to leave a first impression, which is pretty hard to shake off later. You would want to come off as a positive minded, interesting person. The first conversation you will have will leave a lasting impression. Being confident is crucial while being nervous is a deal breaker. Stand tall and talk clearly; mumbling won’t take you anywhere. Don’t ask specific things or talk about details, starting off with general topics such as the weather is a tactful way to start. Listen intently, and look for details that you could dig for. Once the conversation gets going, you could start talking about hobbies or what you did for summer and if you have any pets etc.

Don’t be Self Conscious

If you are worrying about how you look or how you come off, then you will be wasting your brain power. Instead, focus on how you can make the conversation interesting and how you can be nice, polite and interesting at the same time.

Do not sound too eager or too disinterested. You have to strike the right balance. Sound too eager and you will come off as desperate or creepy. Sound too disinterested and you will come off as arrogant. Finding the right balance is essential for a friendship or a relationship to brew.

Be Positive!

Being positive is an attractive thing. No one wants to be with someone who is complaining and moaning about things all the time. Avoid criticizing anything too much, if at all. If there is something you don’t like then using words like “I don’t have such a good opinion about that” is much better than saying “I hate it, it’s awful”.

Everybody likes compliments. But too many compliments or the wrong ones will make you sound creepy. Avoid complimenting looks etc. in the first conversation and move towards complimenting something like an accessory or a desirable habit.

You will come across new people every day. Following these tips will take you a long way towards making new friends which can make life much more colorful and enjoyable for you.