Utilization of project management practices has become essential in offices throughout the world. However, project management can not be effective or easy enough without the use of project management software. Different industries require different types of project management software to help in their project works.

Different Types of Project Management Software

Offices are even getting dependent on use of project management software and often they need to use it as part of the contract they make with the clients. So, there are different types of project management practices that require computerization and this is possible with the use of project management software, and the these are the different types of project management software available for offices to use:

1. Scheduling software

This is a type of project management software that helps in planning, maintenance, monitoring and reporting on project activities. For example, there is very famous project scheduling software called Primavera P6; you can read about its benefits here, this is extensively being used worldwide to plan the project activities. Without scheduling software, it is not possible to list down activities, create dependencies between them, update them, see effect of delay of one activity on all of the other activities, manage resources and many other things can not be done using simple software like MS Word, Excel, etc.

2. Issue Tracking

There is no project without issues and it is not a good idea to let issues forgotten, even unintentionally. So, there must be a way to record project issues, create issue log, assign a responsible person to manage the issue and report on the issues. There comes the issue tracking software to help record and track issues throughout the project life cycle.

Issue tracking project management software could be used as a standalone software and often other project management software includes a functionality of issue tracking, which saves your desktop space by not needing to have many application for different purposes.

3. Risk Management

Risk management software is also project management software that helps users in entering project risks, risks details such as risk probability and impact information. The software recommends required schedule, cost and other necessary contingencies to have for every activity or the whole project. The software can also incorporate the contingencies into the activities using the complex formulas to determine how much reserve is required and where to keep it e.g. in the start, middle or end of the activity.

4. Document Management

This project management software allows the users on the Intranet or even Internet to share and access project documents. This software can grant rights to different users for access to different resources. Further features in document management software include document versioning, check-in and check-out features to prevent simultaneous editing by multiple users. These all features and more in document management software make it a very good choice in office for document sharing.

5. Resource Management

This project management software allows the user to add project resource and assign on different projects and project activities. It also shows resource utilization, resource cost per time period such as week or month. Primavera (mentioned above) is also a good choice for this purpose and there are software available that only have resource management features.

Desktop based and Web Based Project Management Software

Project Management software applications are available both to run on desktop and on a computer browser. The ones that run on a browser are often available on a cloud. The software developer provides access to the software online on monthly or yearly payment plans.
Hence, there are many different project management software available and you also have the option to buy the desktop based or the web based software, to best suit your needs.


Advantages of Microsoft Project

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Benefits of Becoming Certified Business Analyst

Adobe has released Photoshop another new version, September 2020. The version number is 21.2.3. This latest Adobe Photoshop version has the following new features and improvements

Portrait Selection

Now, Photoshop has enhanced 'Select Subject' feature for accurate selection of people's faces, with a single click. We could select a subject before too but often some area outside the subject was also selected. Adobe has incorporated better code for precise detection and selection of the subject.

Adobe Camera Raw Workspace

This new version of Photoshop has placed tools right where you wished them to be, allowing you to edit more easily and efficiently.

Rotatable Patterns

Using a new rotating line, now you can more easily add rotation to any pattern or change the existing orientation, in Pattern Fill Layers and Overlays.

More Fonts

Whenever you open a new Photoshop document, the software will find new fonts and make them available for you to use.

Improved Font Matching

With the enhanced font detection feature, the software now can accurately select existing fonts even from a vertical text or multiple-line text.

Better Object Selection Tool

Now the software offers improved object selection. Whether it is a car, camera, an animal, the Object Selection tool very accurately selects the subject when you simply draw a rectangle region around the object.

Select and Mask Workspace

The Smooth and Shift Edge tools have been enhanced and hence you will notice significant improvement of performance when applying these controls on HD images.

New Photoshop Features for Photoshop on iPad

Free Canvas Rotation

By using two fingers, now you can quickly rotate the canvas to the direction that is more convenient to you.

Refine Edge

You can now capture fine details at the edges of your selections, such as fur, hair or other tricky edges of your subject.

Where to Buy Latest Photoshop Software

Old and new versions of Adobe Photoshop are available for purchase on Amazon.com. Check the product listing here.

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Advantages of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a famous project scheduling software. It is developed and sold by Microsoft and is used globally. There are many advantages of Microsoft Project, including these:

  • It is a generic software that can be used to create any project schedule. For example, a building construction schedule, software development project schedule, etc.

  • It's interface is easy to use and the interface and buttons are very similar to the interface of other Microsoft Office products like Microsoft Excel. Moreover, the shortcut keys that you use in Microsoft Office products like Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl+V (Paste) and more shortcuts keys like these can also be used in Microsoft Project for the same functions.

  • Although Microsoft Project is a desktop software, it is easily integrated with Microsoft Project Server to use the software at enterprise level. By integrating with Project Server, all Project users in an office can share and access project information with other connected users and also view updates on other project schedule instantly as these are made.

  • Microsoft Project is used globally and by all different types of industries. If you know how to use Project and you land on a job where a project scheduling software skill is needed, you will be expected to know Microsoft Project. So, knowing Project is helpful as it can even help you to stand out in your CV.

  • Anyone with basic Microsoft Word, Excel experience or even without it can quickly learn Microsoft Project, due to its easy to use functionality and user friendly interface.

  • Microsoft Project creates beautiful graphical reports. You can create pie chart, bar charts and almost all other types of charts also that are available in Microsoft Excel.

  • Microsoft Project is also available online. You can buy cloud service of Microsoft Project, which starts at 10$ per month per use.

  • Microsoft Project is reliable software.

Microsoft Project is available for purchase on Amazon.com. You can buy a lifetime license for $119.

If you want to learn Microsoft Project, I recommend this book, which you can buy at Amazon.com

These were the benefits of Microsoft Project. One another project scheduling software that is also globally and extensively being used is Oracle Primavera. Read about benefits of Primavera here.

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What is Adobe Spark ?

Adobe Spark is a collection of applications that run online and on smartphones, which let you quickly create videos, web pages, social graphics and presentations. When you use it Spark online, all the features are available in a single window but on the mobile phone, there are three different applications for creating a web page, video and a post for social media.

Adobe Spark is very easy to use and is a great choice for publishers, YouTubers, bloggers, individuals as well as small businesses to quickly and easily create visual stuff as per their needs.

What Can You Do Using Adobe Spark ?

  • You can create a banner for your Facebook page or your website for example. Or you can create a beautiful a flyer or invitation cards.

  • You create small videos for your YouTube channel.

  • You create simple yet beautiful web pages for your website. You can do so without needing to know any programming skills.

  • You can create logos.

Adobe Spark Main Features


There are tons of layouts, colors that you can use to fit your needs.


The software provides you with access to thousands of free and paid images to use in your multimedia work.


There are lots of fonts that can be used for every purpose.

Responsive Design

Whatever you create in Adobe Spark online is automatically optimized for best view in mobile phones.

Sharing Option

After creating your work, you can quickly share it through email or social media

Synced Activity

You can use Spark on mobile or online and your work will remain synced all the time.

Pros of Adobe Spark

  • You can use it both on the web and on mobile phone and your work syncs between the devices.

  • It is easy to use for anyone who has a basic knowledge of using computers and common apps. Furthermore, compared to other Adobe products like Dreamweaver, Premiere, etc, Adobe Spark is much more user friendly and easier to use.

  • It lets you choose from thousands of free graphics to use in your work.

Cons of Adobe Spark

  • In free version of Adobe Spark, the videos and pages have Spark branding.

  • Videos can only be 30 seconds long.

  • Adobe Spark app in Android gives you access to graphic creator only.

  • There is no functionality to create e-commerce website.

  • The free trial of Adobe Spark does not include all the premium version features.