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Top 7 Advantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is perhaps the most used communication app for the smart phone users. But as WhatsApp has some disadvantages, it has advantages too. Find below the top advantages of WhatsApp that have brought significant changes in people's life when it comes to social networking.

1. Plenty of Things You Can Share

You can share your photos, your current location map, videos, documents, audio with your friends.

2. It's Free

WhatsApp used to be US$1 per year but since Microsoft acquired it, it has been made totally free for anyone to use.

3. Ease of Use

All of the WhatsApp features are very easy to use. Any one - child and elderly alike quickly learn to use this App.

4. Chatting Tools

We can send text messages to friends but we can send them more things. You can record voice notes and send them to your friend. Moreover, you can send them emoticons from the tons of available emoticons.

5. No Ads on the Screen

Unlike many other chatting apps, in WhatsApp you will not see any advertisement on the screen interfering when you are using the App.

6. Voice & Video Call

The Voice and Video call features were not always available in WhatsApp. Not too long ago, voice and video call were included in the App that allows you to make free WhatsApp to WhatsApp calls to your friends.

7. WhatsApp Groups

You can create your own group and add people (Must be WhatsApp users) into it. The advantage of the group is that you will send a certain message only once and it will be sent to all the people in your group.

People create WhatsApp groups for college exam discussion, or discussion on any specific topic.

These were the top advantages of WhatsApp. 

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